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Sunday, 14 July 2013



This is some all the bloggers need, because it is very important to send your blog post to social media like facebook, twitter and other popular site, and to let your follower know that you have a new post in your blog,

they application that can help us do that is networkedblogs  there are other application that do that but the one we are going to discus now is networkedblogs, 

features of networkedblogs

  • Easy news search based on blog popularity
  • Thousands of topics to explore
  • Add your own blog. Be part of the largest blog reader community
  • Vote up and share the latest news
  • See what blogs your friends follow and write
  • Syndicate your own blog with Facebook profile, fan pages, groups, applications and Twitter
  • Add a blog tab to fan pages and applications

how to create networkedblogs account
  1. login to your facebook
  2. type in your search area (where you normally search for people, places or things) search for networkedblogs
  3. select the second App, let move to the next step

the next thing is click on go to app, once you click it, it would bring you to this area

click on login, let get to the next step

click on okay

the next thing you will see will look like this

click on next step

you can skip the first step 
skip the second step,
after the second step the next thing you are going to see is 
click on yes, add my blog now to add your blog 
you will be taking to where you will type in your blog address

N.B: you can add as many as possible blog

type in your blog url as shown below and click on next step, fill the following information that will be shown below, you have profile, dashboard, syndication settings. and so on, click and start setting your profile, i believe you can do the rest so far if you have any question or advised don't hesitate to comment,we are ready to help, that is why we are here 


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Myspace
  • Google Buzz
  • Reddit
  • Stumnleupon
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • Technorati
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